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Thursday 13 June 2019

Approach Antriksh Urban Greek for Exotic Views and Traditional Architecture.

Dwarka is one of the most beautiful place, and a perfect combination of modern and traditional architecture. The city truly depicts history of glory where one can find solace in the most emblematic places. The natural beauty and exotic views allure people to find the best property to reside in.

Due to an array of reasons, it is the right time to invest in Antriksh Urban Greek and fulfill one's dream of owning Real Estate in one of the amazing places. The new developing and exceptional house for sale includes villas, apartments, family homes and so on along with stupendous views and idyllic settings to dwell with loved ones.

Offered by the reputed Antriksh Group L Zone, it not only offers elite living but also an opportunity to explore the lifestyle that matches the interest of the residents. Most of the homes here come with desirable amenities such as wine rooms, fitness facilities, designer kitchens, outdoor living areas, home theaters and resplendent views from the apartments. The extensive portfolio of apartments enables an individual to find the prestigious property. 

The interesting property views are available in this area. Staying here will be an exceptional time, as one can enjoy the local and traditional aspects of the city within the comfort zones. The area has a lot to offer for not only to the residents but also for those who are planning to invest in their second home to enjoy the vacations.

From luxury apartments to affordable houses, there is something for all to lead a contemporary lifestyle with family and friends. The Antriksh Urban Greek is embraced with breathtaking locations. The appropriate location and well-priced property investment is growing overseas in the recent time. Everyone loves to enjoy his or her life in serene and tranquil surroundings. Thus, investing here will be a great experience to spend quality time and also a break from hustle bustle city life.

Each and every project by Antriksh Group L Zone also boasts splendid churches, castles, small fishing villages and many other tourist attractions that leave one spellbound. Also, the location is very close to daily conveniences such as malls, eatery joints, health care centers, education sector and other entertainment avenues. The presence of basic establishments has transformed this place as one of the best residential areas. Buying a home in this housing scheme is a dream for many who love to enjoy the natural beauty and magnificent sights.

Thursday 23 May 2019

8 Pointers to Help You Take a Better Home Buying Decision

Now the scenario has completely changed in the property markets. More and more reputed builders are coming into play with reputed townships like Antriksh Urban Greek, offering golden opportunities for buyers to make their dreams come true. In this article, we would discuss some of the basic prerequisites or characteristics which you should unfailingly seek in your new house.

Although buying home a is a very subjective matter, still there are some standard pointers that can help you make a better home buying decision-
  1. First of all, be highly particular about the location. It matters more than anything else because it is location that establishes your connections with other parts of the main city.
  2. After location, please check the reputation of the builder very minutely. Doing it, is not a very difficult task in the light of the fact that you are living in the age of information technology where no one can play a blind game in any walk of life.
  3. Quality of construction is also one of the most crucial aspects that should never be ignored under any circumstance while seeking a property. Please make sure that the houses are safe and fully capable of living up to all your expectations on each and every parameter.
  4. There are some areas or you can call them special zones where you can find the presence of reputed builders in profuse amount. These are the names that you can very easily bank upon, without any second thought.
  5. Please look very comprehensively into the security arrangements because security can never be compromised.
  6. Round-the-clock water supply, availability of electricity, high-speed internet, reputed schools, banks, means of transport and well-built wide roads are what make your life easier and convenient in any city when you own a house.
  7. If you are a moderate earner and finding yourself unable to make the entire payment for the house in a single go, then you must go for the installment method while checking the terms and conditions very minutely.
  8. Please be aware of the fact that the builder has followed all the rules and regulations while constructing the house. It is necessary if you want to have complete peace of mind.
Hopefully, these important tips and guidelines will help you in a very concrete manner while you make up your mind to buy any piece of property either at Antriksh Dwarka or any other L Zone projects.

Thursday 5 July 2018

Delhi master plan 2021 to provide people with budget homes

Budget homes are truly a dream for most people living in and around Delhi. The capital city has sky-high property rates and that restricts the middle class segment from owning their own home. The Delhi Development Authority has made a master plan where in they aim to provide luxury homes to people at quite affordable prices. The DDA has assigned the responsibility to the most reputed builders of the north to come up with state of the art complexes that will ensure luxury living and the authority will control the rates to keep the budget home plan in check.

Invest in the Antriksh Group properties

The Antriksh Group is a well-known and renowned builder of the North and has successfully delivered projects that are high in quality and are according to the benchmarks of the construction industry. A new project under the group i.e. the Antriksh urban heights is the definition of smart and new age living. The main attractions of the complex are the high end and luxury facilities that will ensure good life and luxury living. Just as the name suggests, it will help in proving the ultra modern and urban lifestyle to even the middle class segment and give them a taste of luxury living.

Main attractions of the urban greek project

The main attraction of this particular project is that the apartments will have luxury amenities like swimming pool, children’s park, gymnasium, joggers park etc. these are the basic facilities that make life seem comfortable and luxurious. In short, the plan is to provide something to everybody and for every age group. The urban lifestyle is changing to solar energy and the Antriksh Group will incorporate that in the societies to ensure healthy and safe living.

Find the floor and payment plan

The payment and floor plan for the Antriksh urban greek is listed properly and clearly on the website and that is for the l zone Delhi plans as they are under the land pooling policy.

Invest in the L zone and enjoy comfortable living at best budgets. 

Sunday 3 June 2018

Antriksh diamond towers for comfortable living in Dwarka L zone

Antriksh diamond towersWe all have what we can an idea of our dream home but seldom are we capable of turning this particular dream into reality. The root cause is the sky-high property rates in metropolitan cities. To talk of Delhi specifically, the city has immense growth and development opportunities. This leads to migration in huge numbers every year and further adds to the space crunch. All of these factors directly contribute towards the high prices of properties especially in the main areas of the city. The Delhi Development Authority has recognized this property and space problem and has solutions to solve the home-related woes of the Delhi population.

 L Zone Dwarka for affordable yet luxury homes

antriksh diamond towers floor planThe L Zone Dwarka is a promising and capable area in Delhi that can be turned to a smart zone with high-quality residential solutions. The Delhi Development Authority has made plans to complete the construction of the residential properties by 2021. The investments have begun and all those who may want to buy a home in Delhi must consider investing now. Once, the areas are tagged as the smart zones, the property rates will rise high and again leave people with less finances to buy a home. There is no need to take loans as the payment plans are distributed in small and comfortable instalments in order to fit in the budget of the huge population.

Invest in the Diamond towers project

Antriksh diamond towers project is one of the most promising projects that people must invest in, as they are high quality living solutions.  The best part about the project is that they in CGHS format i.e., they are a co-operative housing society and that has multiple of its own benefits. The builder group is working vigorously to ensure that DDA’s plans are implemented in reality and the people get a chance to live in their dream homes.

With the diamond multi state cghs plan in place, the middle class segment can now invest in a budget home and come closer to their dream home. 

Monday 2 April 2018

Invest in a co-operative society for comfortable and affordable living

Co-operative housing societies are as we all know, the affordable yet comfortable housing scheme where in the flats are provided at rates that a huge middle class segment can afford. However, the new age co-operative societies have all amenities and are as well developed as the high class and luxury apartments. The Delhi Development Authority has come up with a master plan in 2021 and under the plan, they have planned to develop the areas of Delhi and provide affordable homes to the middle class segment.

Features of the upcoming co-operative projects

 The diamond multi state CGHS is another initiative by the renowned Antriksh Group and this project is a co-operative housing society. The salient features of the project are described in the following points:

1.      The unique aspect of the diamond project is that it quite different in terms of design when compared to the usual housing co-operative society. The Antriksh Group has made sure that the best architects and interior designers have been made a part of the project and that they deliver high quality designs for the flats.

2.      The most attractive feature of the project is that homes are provided at the most affordable prices so that the huge segment of Delhi can now afford and pay for their dream homes. The project is being made under DDA’s land pooling policy and that is the reason that the affordability factor is being supervised strictly.

3.      The idea is to introduce luxury and high class living to the middle class segment. The Delhi Development Authority is aiming at making high class living affordable so that the dreams of the huge middle class population can be fulfilled without lack of money or finances.

Online registration and payment facilities

The online registration and payment plan further eases out and makes things comfortable for the people. Now, the interested parties can register for the housing scheme online and when they get selected, they can even make payments online, the Delhi Development Authority is supervising all actions so there are no chances of fraudulent activities.

Invest in the Antriksh diamond towers and live in your dream home!

Monday 12 February 2018

Which Project in Dwarka Reflects the True Spirit of Smart City?

Diamond Towers is the most prestigious joint venture between Diamond Multi State CGHS and the reputed Antriksh Group. This one-of-a-kind project offers strategically designed 1RK, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK residential apartments fulfilling the needs of those who want luxury at the most affordable prices.

Antriksh Diamond Towers Highlights at a Glance 

  •          Total Project Area is spread across 9.40 Acres
  •        Nature of Construction includes 8 Towers, 950 Units 25 Floors
  •    Configurations includes Studio Apartment, Apartment | 1RK ,1, 2, 3, 4 BHK

The whole and sole purpose of Diamond Tower is to provide people with premium quality homes at the financial parameters and caliber they can easily afford without compromising on both their desires and quality norms. In the recent past, particularly after the initiative of the smart city concept taken by the PM of India, the conception of living has witnessed a drastic change in the mind set of people living in the country right away.

Offered by Diamond Multi State CGHS in a joint venture with the Antriksh Group, Diamond Towers is located in the L Zone, and this geographical location makes it stand apart from the rest with the following pointers-  

·         All these zones are to be well developed as complete integrated townships
·         4 brand new global university campuses in these new zones
·         More than 200 hectares of global class complexes for sports
·        Highly integrated commercial complexes in each and every zone
·    New norms for fully commercial development and re-development of all industrial areas and healthcare industry
·     Constant monitoring of the DDA authorities on the construction work and the quality control procedures
·    Clearance from each and every authority for a hassle-free experience for buyers and investors

On the whole, Antriksh Diamond Towers is the finest marvel of real estate which is not only a great for home seekers but also for those who are interested in getting a towering height in their investment. Get set to grab the opportunity right away before it gets too late.

Thursday 18 January 2018

L Zone Dwarka- The Upcoming Smart City

Delhi has been home to many people and the city has attracted thousands of people every year. The simple few reasons are that the city offers great scope for education, work life and to top it all, a better living standard. However, we are all aware that the property rates have always been very high and that has restricted so many families from buying a home. Every one of us has a dream home and we work hard and save up money for years to be able to buy it. But, Delhi has always seen such great infrastructural growth and development, this growth has given rise to the properties and that leaves many people without their own home. The Delhi Development Authority has realized the need of the masses and is working in that direction to provide homes.

DDA to convert Dwarka to a smart zone

L zone Dwarka, has some great growth potential and the space availability factor has made it reach the top of the priority list. The Delhi Development Authority has plans to make residential apartments that are luxury oriented but will be in a budget. The main aim is to provide a major middle segment with a chance to buy homes and properties. The Antriksh Group, a famous builder of the North will have its upcoming luxury residential properties. The area will be developed and turned to a smart zone by 2021. The residential properties will have all high class facilities like swimming pools, play grounds, security and CCTV surveillance etc. the idea is to provide a certain living standard that most people dream of as they cannot afford to have it.

Non-profit projects by Antriksh Group

The Antriksh Diamond Towers project is for a simple motive to provide luxury homes to the middle class segment. The government officials who retire also look for homes and fail to buy one as they do not have the kind of money. Therefore, the group aims at nonprofit properties for the betterment of the masses.